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x-men vid recs

Rolling in the Deep by arefadedaway
I have rewatched this vid a ridiculous number of times. The vidder notes that she considered naming it "ALL THE FEELINGS", and it totally *is*. It sums up everything about Charles and Erik and the decades of their relationship, and it makes me want to point at it and say, "THIS. THIS." It's so epic it's breathtaking, and so personal it's heartbreaking, and the line "we could have had it all" is just, yes. That *is* their epic doomed love story. Which is tragic enough when you just watch First Class, but this vid goes on into the future and takes it to the end of the line. Oh, my heart.

Eric's Song by butterfly
Because it's Vienna Teng. And it's Eric's Song. And it's gorgeous and haunting and poignant, exploring the connection between Erik and Charles, and how well they fit together - and yet. Lots of lovely moments, from "like a phoenix you rise from the ashes" to "ambitions like ribbons worn bright on my sleeve".

Born This Way by The Warp Zone
If you have ever thought that Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" would be the perfect mutant anthem, well, so did this guy, who donned his Magneto costume, picked up his guitar, and recorded this parody. A music video also exists.

There! Right There! by TIzumis
"Is he gay, or European?" The eternal paradox of Erik Lehnsherr, via Legally Blonde: The Musical.

Charles Xavier in Charge by Psychi
Possibly only amusing if you like '80s sitcoms starring Scott Baio. (Which I do. Unashamedly.)

X-Ponies: First Class by JHaller2
The "My Little Pony" version of the XMFC trailer, aka "Pinkamina's School for Gifted Fillies".

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