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captain america vid recs

Problem by talitha78
Sometimes in a fandom, there will be one vid I cannot stop watching over and over, because for me it sums up ALL THE FEELINGS. For CA:TWS, this is that vid. If you want to see the complete badassery of the Winter Soldier in distilled form, or witness the heated but deadly attraction between him and Steve, this is the vid for you. Also, "there's no salvation for a bad girl" and "it's you and me against the world" did funny things to my heart.

The War Was in Color by Settiai
This has probably been recced everywhere already, but it's still amazing. For me, a great vid starts with a great song, and this one is a moving meditation on war and history and memory, and it fits Steve so well. Gorgeous and heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful.

Carry On by Settiai
Steve and Bucky and having to carry on afterwards. Oh, Steve.

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