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x-men meta recs

Magneto and Professor X Had Sex at the Movies This Summer - Did You See It? by Jennifer Arrow
"It's pretty clear that the primary story arc of the summer blockbuster is how much Erik and Charles are madly in love, and how it all goes horribly wrong due to a combination of external forces and internal character flaws. ... No, seriously, 'playing chess' is obviously PG-13 movie code for 'And then Magneto and Professor X did it... again.'"

Erik and Charles in comics canon by ishtar79
"Watching First Class only reminded me of Their Very Epic Love in the comic books, and made me want to share some evidence of it for movie fans who are not currently up to going through decades of comics backstory to get to the good stuff." A five part picspam thesis.

Enemies: A Love Story by alara_r
A Magneto/Xavier ship manifesto, covering five different canons, including the comicverse, the movieverse, and the animationverse.

X-Men: The original animated series by yahtzee63
A rediscovery of the slashiness of the animated series, complete with quiz.

The Autobiography of Magneto X by Erik Lensherr by Meghan O'Keefe
"I am never lonely. I am like a panda. I don't hang around with other pandas because I like the company of pandas. I hang around with them because I'm forced to for the survival of my species." MAGNETO IS AN AWESOME BLOGGER.

X-Men: First Class asofterworld Remixes by xrai_namere
Images from the movie, remixed with asofterworld captions. Brilliant how well they fit.

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